Hi, I’m Marian Delgado

and I want my works to be part of your life…

I seek to capture in iron actions, emotions and feelings.

I am inspired by the real and the imaginary. To be and to seem. Be.

Lives with lights and shadows, ups and downs, gestures… Imperfect nature.

By modeling iron rods, plates and tubes I create sculptures. Curved and straight lines. Lines that converge and diverge, creating a common space for matter and its absence.

The reason of my works

My works are in movement, in harmony. They make their environment participate in their own nature.

They capture everything and make it their own. They seem predestined to the place they occupy.

It is then when the worked irons, twisted and pierced with tenacity and skill, exhibit all their interpretive force and acquire unlimited dimensions.


My most personal side

Since I was a child I have had a lot of creativity: clouds, sticks, drippings from the walls… Everything had a special meaning for me.

Discovering forms, people, objects where in theory there were only stains has always been a passion. I love how the products work, researching the creation process, the materials.

Among my virtues and defects are being a non-conformist person, with a continuous need for learning and courage to face new projects. I started at the end, working and training in my father’s welding workshop, transforming construction materials into handcrafted pieces, going to the market to validate my proposals. I continue training at the Antonio López School of Art and Superior Design.

About the future, I’ll tell you…

My training, the beginning of my growth

Product design. Superior School of Design Antonio López. EASDAL, Tomelloso (currently).

Mechanical manufacturing product design. Industrial Technology Center of Castilla-La Mancha, Itecam. June-December 2022.

Master Marketing Management. EAE Business School, Madrid. September 2018- September 2019

Certificate Welding with coated electrode, TIG. FPJCCM. Real city. January -July 2020.

Metal Crafts Card. #1300451. JCCM. June 2018.

Foreign Trade Course. Chamber of Commerce of Ciudad Real.

Course on Processes of artistic creation and conceptualization of projects. NodeCenter. Oct-Dec 2017

Diploma in statistics and operational research. Complutense University of Madrid. 1988-1991

Awards and exhibitions



CASADECOR. May-June 2021.


INTERGIFT – Madrid February-September 2019.

National Museum of Decorative Arts – Madrid, January-March 2019.

FARCAMA-Toledo 2018, 2019, 2021.

Leucade Gallery. Murcia. December-January 2019.

Craft Fair- Almagro 2018.

esArtGallery, collective “Land of Hunger” – Marbella, July 2018.

Roverart, individual “Love, emotions and captive feelings”-Menorca, July 2018.

Art3f – Luxembourg 1-3 June 2018.

Kölner Liste art fair-Cologne. 20-22 April 2018.

To my father

My deep gratitude to my father, Manuel Delgado, who passed on his creative talent to me. He instilled in me respect for tradition, for the artisanal way of working with the material.

I was infected by his passion for iron and its artistic possibilities.

It is an inexhaustible source of learning and inspiration.

I love you, Dad